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The ‘Mini’ Modern Essentials Usage Guide is a softcover, condensed version of the larger, hardcover Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils. A smaller size and coil binding make this portable reference perfect to carry in a handbag or case wherever you go. The usage guide contains the complete “Personal Usage Guide” from the hardcover book (conditions, oils, and applications methods). Condensed sections from the larger book include “Single Essential Oils” (primary uses and application methods) and “The Science and Application of Essential Oils” (introduction, history, chemistry, charts, and proper use).

Features of the updated guide:

  • Stunning new design incorporates more full-color photographs, illustrations, and descriptive charts.
  • Charts include complete reflexology, auricular, and autonomic nervous system guides.
  • Informative introduction to essential oils outlines scientific basis, benefits, and applications.
  • New oils appear in sections throughout the book.
  • “Personal Usage Guide” organizes an alphabetical listing of hundreds of health conditions with easy-to-understand definitions.
  • Each health description includes an enhanced, color-coded recommendation system for using primary, secondary, and additional oils and oil blends.
  • Health descriptions contain eye-catching symbols for aromatic, topical and internal application methods.
  • Most descriptions end with a symbol noting additional research. Hundreds of benefits listed for essential oils and their constituents with accompanying documentation.
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